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Visayas to Mindanao (BY SEA) Detailed Expenses

On our Mindanao road trip, our last RORO experience was from the port of San Ricardo in Southern Leyte to the port of Lipata in Surigao City.

Here's the list of expenses that we paid based on a passenger of 3 pax (1 adult and 2 senior citizens) and a vehicle of Isuzu Trooper. Prices are as of May 2021 so it is still better to call the San Ricardo Port for updated prices. We bought tickets from Montenegro Shipping Lines Inc. since they are the only RORO in that port. The only thing that they need to see is the OR and CR of your car.

  • Montenegro Passenger Ticket - P100/senior citizen

  • Montenegro Vehicle Ticket - P2,450

  • Municipal Toll Fee - P80

  • PPA Vehicle Terminal Fee - P129

  • PPA Passenger Terminal Fee - P17/person

The first thing that we have to pay is the Montenegro Shipping Lines ticket. The current cost for the San Ricardo-Lipata RORO is:

I was traveling with my parents and since they are both senior citizens and one free driver is included in the vehicle ticket, we only paid a total of P200 for us.

Since the passenger ticket fare is different from the vehicle ticket, we paid P2,450 for our car which is an Isuzu Trooper. Prices vary depending on the type of your vehicle.

The next step is to pay the Municipal Collection Booth where we have to pay P80 for the three of us.

Before moving to the next step, we have to go to the Coast Guard where they asked me how many passengers are in the car and then they stamped something on our tickets and let us through.

The second to the last fee that we have to pay is the PPA's (Philippine Ports Authority) RORO Terminal Ticket for Vehicles. Rates vary depending on what type of vehicles you have. These are the rates as of May 2021:

We paid P129 since Isuzu Trooper is included in the Type 2 vehicles.

The last fee that we have to pay is PPA's Passenger Terminal Ticket which is P17 per person. Senior Citizens are free so we only have to pay for mine.

They then let our cars enter the port and we waited for almost an hour before boarding started.

The ship that carried us from San Ricardo to Lipata is a little nicer in terms of capacity and seating options. You will have the option to seat inside where the seats are comfortably cushioned but we opted to seat outside to lessen the contact with other people.

They also have a better store that sells more food than in our previous RORO.

After another hour of boarding and squishing in as many vehicles possible in the RORO, we finally departed the port of San Ricardo in Southern Leyte and traveled for more than an hour to the port of Lipata.

Here's my travel VLOG where I documented in detail our experience with the Philippines RORO system:

Montenegro Shipping Lines Inc Facebook Page:

Port of San Ricardo Contact Number: 09055106649

As always, keep safe and travel responsibly!


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