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Van From Laguindingan Airport to Cagayan De Oro City

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

One way to access Cagayan De Oro City is through Laguindingan Airport.

Unfortunately, Laguindingan Airport is approximately one hour away from Cagayan De Oro.

Having no friends or family in the area, we took up the problem on finding a reliable transportation from the airport to the city. That is safe. Without being scammed.

It was hard. I did my research, blog reading, and net surfing to find the cheapest and most reliable way. It was such a headache that I was on the point of pushing my parents for us to just rent a car from the airport. And yet, booking with that company never happened.

But in my research, JazzJulo Rent A Car CDO appeared a lot of times. That name stuck in my mind.

We left for Laguindingan Airport without booking any rent-a-car or airport-to-city transfer. Yes, we’re that kind of tourists. We’re risk-takers. Haha

But anyway, the plan was just to hire or decide on something when we are literally outside the airport door. And we’re crossing our fingers that we will not be scammed.

As we exited the doors of the airport, on our right were stalls of companies offering van transfer to the city or rent-a-car rental services. They were not scary at all. They were not chaotic and were actually very orderly. One thing that I love is that they respected the tourist’s choice of company.

I saw the name  JazzJulo Rent A Car CDO and went straight to their stall. I did not even bother checking the other companies. 😀 Their online presence and their professionalism in Facebook really stuck on me, that’s why I chose them.

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The woman on the stall was very friendly and assisted us immediately. I made sure of the price, double-checked and triple-checked it.

It was P199 per head, as of May 2019.

We were ushered in a van, a Toyota Hi-Ace and the driver collected our payments. He also gave us receipts acknowledging our payment.

I was seated on the front and I can say that our driver was a safe driver. He also became our (mini) tour guide of the hour. He pointed out a lot of landmarks, he told stories about the Cagayan River and he even gives us local tips on where to eat.

We were delivered right on the front door of our hotel.

I have to give a huge thumbs-up to JazzJulo. I recommend them and definitely will go straight to their stall the next time I visit Cagayan De Oro.

Here’s a mini video about our drive to Cagayan De Oro City:



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