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The Underrated Unlimited Korean Barbecue Place

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

*If you're too lazy to read, WATCH HERE. But the pictures here are mouth-watering also!

We were looking for a place to eat unlimited Korean barbecue that also has Jajangmyeon on their menu. We did find a lot of good barbecue places in Manila but most of them don't have the black bean noodle that my friends have been craving for.

Leann's Teahouse Jajangmyeon
Leann's Teahouse Jajangmyeon

I searched far and wide in the world wide web, read blogs, and even scoured Facebook groups, and there's one name that is consistently appearing.

Leann's Teahouse - not a fast-food chain but a family-owned restaurant right in the middle of Quezon City.

Leann's Teahouse
Leann's Teahouse

Leann's Teahouse
Leann's Teahouse

A small restaurant compare to popular Korean barbecue chains that are popping everywhere. We chose this restaurant because it might not be always number 1 but it is always there in all the reviews and blogs. That means it has something that people want to tell others. AND they have Jajangmyeon in their menu!

Their unlimited barbecue menu has three choices:

Leann's Teahouse Menu
Leann's Teahouse Menu

You can either choose Unli Pork (P399), Unli Pork and Beef (P499), and CPB Premium (P599). It is important to note that if you're in a group and you are seated at one table, you are all required to order only one kind of Unlimited Meat. We decided to go for the most expensive one since the recommended meat is the Meltique Beef.

As with all Korean barbecue place, Leann's Teahouse also offers a lot of side dishes and 3 kinds of dipping sauce.

They have a lettuce salad with a sweet and spicy kimchi kind of sauce, mashed potato, sweet peanuts, bean sprouts, and, of course, kimchi.

By the way, you can choose between white rice or kimchi rice if you order their Unlimited Meat set.

On the sides of their grilling plate are corn, egg, and cheese. That cheese is heavenly with their meat!

The first meat that was served was the normal thin-sliced pork and beef (belly?). The second was the Meltique Beef AND we never looked at the next meat again. Haha. We ordered five more plates of this meat because it was that good. It's soft, melt-in-your-mouth, and soooo delicious!

Of course, let's not forget the reason why we chose this place: Jajangmyeon!

They actually have a great Jajangmyeon. Not packaged or tasted gooey. Their noodles were fresh and so soft and their black bean sauce really hits the right spot.

So, was it worth it? Was it worth it to travel 2 hours from the south of Manila, went into the famous Metro Manila traffic just to eat at this small restaurant in Quezon City?

My answer? YES!

Why? Because the Meltique Beef is so good and so worth it for the price!

Will I come back? I already went back! Haha!


To make sure you have a table when you get there, it would be safe to call them and make a reservation: 0915 215 8742

Or just message them on their Facebook page. They actually replied to me immediately when I inquired: Leann's Teahouse Facebook Page

And here's the Google Maps for Leann's Teahouse.

If ever you decide to visit this place, let me know what you think in the comments below and as always, stay safe, wear your mask, and enjoy the meat!


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