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Get The Best View in Tagaytay (with Instragammable location)

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

Five months locked into your house can really make your travel genes insane. We have been testing the waters the past few months venturing in the neighboring province and just savoring the change of environment.

This week, we decided to venture to Tagaytay with the sole purpose to drink some coffee, feast our eyes with the views, and fly our drone. We accomplished our first two goals but sadly, we were denied to do our third goal. Being a novice droner, we are still learning the rules and regulations in our province and country.

But, hey, the coffee and the view was well worth it! We decided to have our afternoon coffee in Balay Dako, an Antonio's Group of Restaurant and their system of contact tracing and safety procedures were impeccable!

Before you even reach the security guard, you would have a QR code to scan and you would simply fill-up the form that will appear on your phone. Once submitted, the guard will immediately see it in their system, scan your temperature before letting you enter the restaurant (No more paranoid thoughts of who previously hold that ballpen).

Upon entering, the huge chandelier in the foyer is already a sight!

You would have a choice to sit either in the first or second floor. But if there's an event on either floor, then you don't have a choice but to take a table on the available floor. My favorite place is on the second floor. It's an alfresco dining area. And if you're in Tagaytay, always savor the fresh air. Always choose al fresco.

Since we're just having coffee and etc., we ordered coffee for papa, calamansi juice for mama, and pure hot chocolate for me.

And this is the million-dollar view. The volcano that shook Luzon earlier this year. I will never get tired of this view and I'm so happy to see that there are green dots beginning to appear!

Since we know that the food of Antonio's is one of the best, we wouldn't want to miss the opportunity to taste more of their delicious food!

Puto Bumbung (Optional: with cheese)

Fresh Lumpia

Chicken Satay

Oh, and did I mention that for added contactless service, you can view their menu on your own phone. Here's a preview:

We left with our stomach full, phone memories full and travel genes temporarily sated.

If you do have an extra budget and want to view the Taal Volcano without the tourist-y and noisy crowd, consider this restaurant. You will never leave unsatisfied.

Stay safe, wear your mask, and always travel responsibly!


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