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Top 3 Places To See in Currimao, Ilocos Norte

Currimao is a town in Ilocos Norte that most tourists don't even know exist. Though not as famous as nearby towns like Vigan, Paoay, Laoag, or Pagudpud, Currimao boasts a very beautiful coastline.

When we were denied to book a hotel in Saud Beach (even though we have a negative antigen test), we decided to stay at Currimao where we found a lovely beachfront hotel in Currimao Beach.

North Shores Inn is a beachfront hotel located in Currimao Beach. They have a gated area where you can eat, relax, and just enjoy the salty ocean breeze.

This hotel was a gem in the rocks because they have very affordable rates. Though they don't have WiFi in the rooms at the time of our stay, having colorful sunsets like this every day beats the loss of connectivity with the Internet.

North Shores Inn Facebook Page:

North Shores Inn Contact Number: 09154593070/ 09498106298

North Shores Inn Google Location:

While in Currimao, we decided to check out their local sights before heading to Paoay. Our first stop is the Currimao Lighthouse.

1. Currimao Lighthouse

Currimao Lighthouse consisted of the old and a new one. The old one is not working anymore and tourists can climb to the top and enjoy the spectacular vista of Currimao's coastline. The new one is a very modern lighthouse that is now being controlled via computers.

Currimao Lighthouse Google Location:

2. Pangil Coral Rocks Formation

We went down from Currimao Lighthouse and continued on the Eco-Tourism Coastal Road.

After a kilometer or two, we saw many locals having a picnic on the corals beside the road. We decided to stop and my brother-in-law told us this is a famous spot for locals, though quite unknown to tourists.

Pangil Coral Rock Formations is a very impressive work of nature. They almost have the same height and climbing them was a workout because of the pointy corals. You can also find concealed pools in between these corals that have water with the color of cobalt to jade blue.

Pangil Coral Rocks Formation Google Location:

3. Abandoned Fishing Boat

Continuing on to the Eco-Tourism Road, we saw a huge fishing boat (or yacht) that is abandoned on the beach shore. We saw a group climbing down from it so we decided that it might be open to the public.

We don't know what happened to the boat that the owners just left it here to decay but this spot is a great place to take stunning shots. We climbed it and explore (because I have a thing with ships, boats, and yachts) and had fun walking in a slanted way. LOL!

Abondoned Ship Location:

Fun Fact: Currimao's name is derived from the words correr and cumaws. During the Spanish period, when the Manila-Acapulco Galleon Trade was still flourishing, Muslim pirates frequented the coast of the West Philippine Sea. Watchtowers were built at two strategic points, one at Arboledan Point and the other at Barangay Torre. Whenever pirates – who were known as cumaws in the native tongue at the time – appeared in the distance to attack the villages, the watchmen warned the people by shouting correr which means “to run”.

Watch my travel vlog in Currimao here!

As always, travel responsibly and keep safe!


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