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Nangaramoan Beach in Santa Ana, Cagayan is one of the few beaches that you can find along the coastline of the northernmost edge of the Philippines.

After spending 3 days in Country Inn Hotel & Restaurant, we decided to spend a night on one of the beaches that we can find in Google Maps.

There were three beaches: Anguib Beach, Nangaramoan Beach, and Pozo Robo Beach. The road leading to Anguib Beach is just a pathway. Our car won't fit in it so we decided to check the next two beaches. Nangaramoan has numerous homestays and resorts on its coastline but we still decided to check the last one. When we arrive at Pozo Robo Beach, it was raining so hard and there's only one person we can ask for information. He said there was a place to stay (only one) and then he left us. Lol. So we just decided to go back to Nangaramoan.

We stopped at the first house that is on the end of the road. There's a friendly Lola also who really accommodated and answered all our questions. She offered us a private house at the end of her property for P1,500, around $30.

It has two floors whereas the dining area and bathroom are below and the bedroom is on the second floor.

The bathroom will basically cover all your Filipino needs. Lol. A bare toilet seat, a sink a 'tabo' and a 'timba'.

We have to wash our feet first before going upstairs because we don't want sand in our beds.

The upstairs room contains one bed plus two huge foams for extra beddings.

I was quite surprised to see an aircon in this place. You see, cellphone signal is down to zero let alone cellular data. Lol

And this is the view from our window. Plain raw beauty.

The sand, though not as fine as Boracay, has a creamy color. It is clean and you cannot see trash anywhere.

The beach is full of pockets where the sand is smooth and there is no seaweed.

When travel is freely permitted, don't worry beacause there are numerous homestays and resorts along the coastline where you can choose where to stay for the night.

If you're interested to stay where we stayed at, here's the contact number of the kind 'Lola' who entertained us: 09355525895

And here's the Google Map direction for Nangaramoan Beach:

Watch my drone shot here:

As always, keep safe and be a responsible traveler!


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