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Rent a Car in Cagayan De Oro

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

This one is a first for us. We have never rented a car before in the whole island of the Philippines.

But we had the need to rent a car when we went to Cagayan De Oro because we want to take a day trip to Bukidnon, a neighboring city.

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We called a lot of companies the night before and there were only a few who answered, though it was out of business hours

Again, only one company stuck out. The company who transported us from the airport to the city turns out to be the company that we chose to rent a car. They were just so accommodating. They allowed us to pick the car the next morning, way out of business hours.


Early the next morning, we arrived at their office and they took copies of our ID’s then we went outside and we checked the car for scratches (standard procedure). Their employee also has this paper which has the image of a car and then they circle or make a note in the paper whenever they see scratches in the car. The paper also has a checklist for the wheels, engine, fuel and everything boys checked in cars. I love it that they document it for the sake of protecting both the company and the customer.

We rented a Toyota Innova for 1 day. Technically, we should return the car to them the next day. But our tight schedule wouldn’t allow us to return the car the next day. The only solution is for us to return the car that same day. I called the company and they simply said it’s alright. I would just have to let them know when we’re on our way back to the office and he’ll send one of his employees to meet us.

Take note: It’s ten o’clock in the evening.

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There’s just one hiccup. On the road to Bukidnon (still in Cagayan De Oro city), my dad felt there’s a “wiggle” on the wheels and he’s not comfortable using the car like that. We called the company and they did say that the car is still safe to use. But my dad values safety, so he told the company that we will go to the nearest vulcanizing shop to fix it and he asked the company to reimburse whatever expenses we will have. The company did agree.

Set aside that hiccup, they totally served us well and accommodated all our requests. If ever we visited Cagayan De Oro again and we would need a car, we sure will rent from this company again.

Here’s a small video of how they accommodated us and the type of car we rented:


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