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Best Hotel in Cagayan De Oro

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Choosing a hotel in Cagayan De Oro was hard. There were a lot of beautiful (and expensive) hotels in and around the city area.

My first choice was in the downtown area. I love to immerse myself in the culture and life of the place I’m visiting and being in the downtown area makes it easy for me to access everything.

There were two hotels that I have narrowed in our choices. The first one is really beautiful. If you have a lot of money in hand and you want a room where you can relax all day, then choose that. But our family always chooses the cheapest one, a place where you can just sleep and shower. Nothing fancy. Because we don’t see any sense spending more money in a room that you only use at night.

Emerald Suites CDO won our choice.


We originally booked for the Triple Room but since it was not yet available on our first night, we first stayed in the Deluxe Room and then we were transferred immediately to the Triple Room the next day.


The people in the hotel were all kind. Very helpful and very friendly.

The room was really nice. It was clean. The air-conditioning is working. And the hot shower really works. Wi-Fi signal is also strong, so that’s a plus.


The main reason why this hotel got my attention is that it’s located very conveniently between the Ayala Mall and SM Mall Downtown.


Their price is reasonable given its location. And it includes free breakfast plus all the basic amenities that a traveler would need.


All in all, Emerald Suits CDO is a great place to recommend to families and barkadas who wants an affordable and location-wise hotel in Cagayan De Oro, Philippines.

Here’s a mini video on our hotel:


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