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The BEST Staycation in Tagaytay

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

It was my mom's birthday. And we are all scrambling what to get for her.

XOXO's balcony in Villa Ibarra
Droning in the balcony of the XOXO Room.

My dad suddenly became generous and asked me to book a hotel where my mom can simply relax and just recharge. IT WAS SO HARD whereas my dad is a senior citizen and most hotels just don't accept 'oldies'. At first, my dad wanted me to book a hotel located in front of the Manila Bay area because he wanted to see the trending "White Sands" of Manila Bay. I scoured all the hotels in that area on Google Maps. I called all of them and either they are still not operational or operating as a 'Quarantine Hotel'. (Update: This happened in the last week of September. Rules and regulations have changed since then so check with the hotels prior to your travel.)

Entryway of Villa Ibarra
Entryway of Villa Ibarra

I then scoured hotels in Pampanga and on to Laguna. They are either fully-booked, needing so many requirements, or too expensive. Tagaytay was my last option but I'm really putting it off since it was so close to my hometown and I was hoping for a more further location.

Taal Volcano in Taal Lake
The view from our balcony.

But I was really out of option. So, I finally settled for Tagaytay. Most of the hotels on the ridge overlooking Taal Lake and Taal Volcano are fully-booked on our dates. But there is only one hotel that really checked off everything in our checklist and that is Villa Ibarra.

Sunset clouds behind Villa Ibarra.
Sunset clouds behind Villa Ibarra.

It is located on the ridge that overlooks the MILLION DOLLAR VIEW, the picturesque landscape that put Tagaytay on the tourist map. Though Tagaytay is only 1 hour away from Metro Manila, it always feels like a whole new world every time you visit due to more greenery and a much cooler climate.

Villa Ibarra located at the ridge that overlooks Taal Volcano.
Villa Ibarra located at the ridge that overlooks Taal Volcano.

Villa Ibarra is an 8-bedroom boutique hotel that boasts of spiraling staircases, chandeliers, and a grand piano. It exudes coziness and intimacy, especially in the service of the staff.

Staircase going down to the basement.
Staircase going down to the basement.
Villa Ibarra's chandelier
Villa Ibarra's famous chandelier.
Villa Ibarra's lobby
Villa Ibarra's lobby
Staircase going to Villa Ibarra's banquet facilites.
Staircase going to Villa Ibarra's banquet facilites.

Their rooms, named Cute, Wonderful, Serene, Amazing, Awesome, XOXO, Romantic, Divine, features a plush bed, wooden floors and furniture. Choice rooms (Amazing, Awesome, XOXO, Romantic, and Divine) feature sweeping views of Taal Lake and Volcano. All the rooms are equipped with the following amenities:

  • Air-conditioning

  • Wi-Fi Internet access

  • Flat-panel cable TV

  • Mini refrigerator

  • Heated shower

  • Bathrobe, hairdryer, set of toiletries

  • Alarm clock

  • Complimentary bottled water

  • 24-hour full power standby generator

  • Electronic door locks

We booked their XOXO room which is their Attic Room with Veranda. Which is why we have our own balcony that overlooks Taal Volcano where we can hang out, eat dinners, and fly my drone! It was plain amazing!

Lunch in XOXO's balcony in Villa Ibarra
Having lunch in our balcony
Villa Ibarra
Flying my drone early in the morning.

In order to reach our room, we have to climb a spiral staircase that is very steep and narrow! Definitely not for the faint-heartedness!

Staircase leading to XOXO room in Villa Ibarra
Staircase leading to our room

Their restaurant, named Bistro, features traditional Filipino-Spanish cuisine like kalderetang kambing, mixed seafood brochette, beef sate, kare-kare, baby back ribs, paella, and lechon kawali that should not be missed. We ate once in their dining room but opted to have room service after that to reduce contamination.

Lunch in Villa Ibarra
Lunch in our room

I booked our room from Agoda and it includes free breakfast for two.

Breakfast in Villa Ibarra
My breakfast on out first morning

We have no problem with parking since the hotel provides free parking. This hotel also offers meeting and banquet facilities and their front desk is open 24-hours.

Driveway of Villa Ibarra
Driveway of Villa Ibarra

But there's one thing that really made me fall fully in love with Villa Ibarra. And it's their grand piano. As fas as my travel goes, I haven't encountered a hotel that lets guests play with their grand piano whenever they want to. Villa Ibarra was my first and I have a grand time playing with it everyday we were there.

Villa Ibarra's lobby
Villa Ibarra's lobby

Villa Ibarra's grand piano
Playing Villa Ibarra's grand piano

You can book directly on their website but I booked mine in Agoda because it's much cheaper. Scour the internet and compare the prices. Prices fluctuate depending on your dates and holidays.

Contact them:




Viber: +63-998-532-0911

Or email them in:

You can watch this amazing hotel in my latest vlog: MY FIRST EVER ROOM TOUR for 2020!!


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