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SCARY Home in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam!!!

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

It was the start of our Tri-Country Vacay.

Finding a place to sleep for our group of eight is a difficult task. Add to that the fact that we are almost all girls. And seven girls is a no-no for a room with one bathroom.

Of course, I have a gazillion of preference when looking for hotels, rooms, or Airbnb in a new place. One of that is that it should be near the heart of the city where there would be night markets so that even when all of the malls, museums, and tours are closed, we can still easily go out and enjoy the place.

Out of the handfuls that we picked in Airbnb, there was one that stood out.

Yes, it's a one-room loft BUT it has two bathrooms!!! That mainly puts a heavyweight in our decision making.

The other factor that won us out is its price. Fifty bucks per night is a steal especially when you have a big group to split it into.

And so, we decided to book it!

Watch the video below for our scary experience!

My heart was thumping as we climbed up that creepy stairs. I was actually ready to run down the stairs. Haha! My mind was overflowing with imaginations of a man chasing us with a bloody knife!

But, just as the host said in the listing, I felt much better once I stepped inside the apartment. It was beautiful! It has two king beds, two queen air mattresses, and a sofa bed that is perfect for our group!

Everything a tourist looks for when visiting Saigon is within 5 min walking distance, especially Ben Thanh market. We didn't have any problems with the internet wifi and it has all the amenities of a hotel like beddings, towels, shower gel and shampoo. The kitchen which is fully furnished has free tea and coffee. Oh, and did I mentioned that it has a balcony?! Yes! It has a spectacular balcony with a view of the city and the street. You won't get tired watching thousands of motorcycles racing past each other in the intersection.

And, of course, I can't end this post without telling you about the bathrooms, can I? The two bathrooms are both fully furnished. It both has a toilet bowl and a shower area which seven girls need if they need to shower every day.

It was totally a scary experience looking for it. BUT it was the perfect place to stay in Ho Chi Minh! I would definitely recommend it to everybody who will travel to Ho Chi Minh and I will definitely book it again if ever I go back to Ho Chi Minh.

If you are interested in booking the place (or in any other place) in Airbnb, I would be happy to give you a $30 credit in your account. Just click this link and you're good to go!



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