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Lucia's: A Farmhouse by the Wayside

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

Lucia's by LBN is a restaurant I often see when we go to SnR Lipa City. It is on the road going to Balete so you may have also passed by it when entering STAR Tollway via Balete.

"That's a cute cafe. Just like a farmhouse." This was the thought that always ran in my head whenever we passed it. Finally, I got the chance to try out their food and ambiance.

The place is an alfresco type of restaurant. No AC. Fortunately, Lipa City was chilly on the day we went here so the temperature was quite comfortable. Their place truly gives out a warm and comfy vibe. I felt like I was having lunch in a country house somewhere in England.

I asked our waiter what's the meaning of LBN. He said that the restaurant is also owned by the owner of the LBN Lomi House. If you're a Lomi lover, you might have heard of LBN.

When we arrived at Lucia's, the restaurant was half-full. That's a pretty big crowd, considering that it was already 1 pm. But while we're eating, 3 more cars arrived.

I took a picture of their menu and their prices are mid-range.

They also have cakes on display and a big coffee machine so I guess this is a restaurant/cafe. I noticed there was one customer who only ordered a coffee while typing away on his laptop. It's not a bad place to do your work or studies.

We ordered one each from their category of Soup and Salad, All-day Breakfast, Main Course, and Pasta.

Because I'm having a thing with pumpkin and squash right now, I got their Roasted Pumpkin Soup. It was creamy but I can still taste the pumpkin (or squash? I do know that we don't have a pumpkin here in the Philippines). It just has bits of desiccated coconut which my tongue finds a little bit weird.

My dad ordered one of their only two fish plates on the menu. It's the Bangus in the All-Day Breakfast section. The other one is the Fish Fillet in their Main Course. But they were using Cream Dory for their fillet and Cream Dory still has a bad reputation in our place so my dad doesn't have any choice with the Bangus. It was not bad, though. They pan-fry it perfectly (still juicy and not dry) and it was paired with a sunny side up and a tomato.

My mom ordered the Salisbury Burger Steak from their Main Course. Their patties are home-made so it is pure beef. It has a mushroom sauce and vegetables on the side. I honestly like their burger steak. It will surely be my next order on our next visit.

The last one is my order. I ordered their Sardines and Olives just to escape the temptation of eating rice. Though, I don't know what's worse in bad carbohydrates: white rice or pasta? Lol. I have to admit that, though the pasta is good, it was not an eyerollingback-and-closing-with-moan delicious. It would pass, for me, but it is a taste that you can easily recreate and can find in another restaurant. I would rate it with a 5, with 10 being the highest.

Their food presentation is very attractive. One thing that popped out was how they present their rice. The shape is different from the usual one cup of rice in restaurants.

All in all, Lucia's by LBN is a place where I would want to go back. Their place is very welcoming and accessible. They also have ample parking spaces and their food is delicious. Take note, though, that they don't have a WIFI as of the day we visited.

My ratings* for Lucia's by LBN:

Ambiance: 5

Food: 5

Amenities: 4

Price: 5

Service: 4

*Highest rate is 10 and the lowest is 1.



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