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From Home-Baker to Professional Baker

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

I started as a home baker. Home bakers used measuring cups to measure their ingredients. But one thing that threw me into the professional world of baking is measuring ingredients by a weighing scale.

One thing I love about measuring in a weighing scale is that I always get the same results every time! I have nothing against using traditional measuring cups, I still love them. But, as there is a lot of ways you can fill a cup with flour, there will be different measures of ingredients every time.


So, how to measure in a weighing scale? It is super easy! I'm going to measure flour for this example.

First, turn on your weighing scale and select your measuring unit. I will be using grams.

Secondly, place your bowl over your scale.

Thirdly, press the TARE button. Pressing the TARE button will reset the scale back to zero, so that when you put your flour in you will start in zero.

Lastly, put your flour in and measure it to your desired weight. Mine's 550 grams. As you can see, I exceeded 4 grams. Since I'm using a weighing scale I can easily remove the excess flour and put it exactly at 550 grams. You cannot do that with a measuring cup, that's why professional bakers use weighing scale to get consistent results!

My current favorite brand of weighing scale is Ozeri. My last three scales, though they are cheap, always break down in less than a year. I've been using my Ozeri scale for more than 2 years now and it is loved and is still working. You can find the exact scale I'm using in Amazon but you can also buy an Ozeri scale in Lazada. It is a professional grade scale so you're gonna shell out a little bit of money. But you're not gonna regret you bought an Ozeri scale.

Lazada Ozeri scale: Click the picture below and you'll be redirected to the app!

Amazon Ozeri scale: The exact scale I'm using!

Comment below on tips and tricks on being a better baker!



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